KINO EXPO established in 1999, is the international cinema industry convention and worlds third largest international exhibition of cinema theatre equipment with the focus on markets of Russia and neighboring CIS (former USSR) countries Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Central Asian countries.

16th KINO EXPO 2014 International Convention & Trade Fair will take place in St. Petersburg, Russia, 23-26 September 2014.

KINO EXPO is your gateway to worlds fastest growing cinema and entertainment industry markets of Russia and neighboring CIS and Baltic countries.

KINO EXPO 2014 main features

KINO EXPO Convention is the central event for local cinema professionals and the meeting place of Russian and international cinema business communities.

KINO EXPO Convention is the central event for local cinema professionals and the meeting place of Russian and international cinema business communities.

At KINO EXPO the local offices of major studios, Russian and international independent distribution and production companies present their upcoming films and product reels directly to the local exhibitors.

KINO EXPO Trade Fair is the worlds third largest motion picture equipment exhibition, also incorporating various entertainment systems and technologies for the shopping malls with large entertainment segment.

KINO EXPO effectively brings together film exhibition, distribution and production communities, contributing to further development of local and international cinema industry.

KINO EXPO 2014 program main features:

16th international trade fair, with extensive foreign participation, showcasing the latest in motion picture industry equipment and services, entertainment systems and technologies, D-Cinema technologies, and services for film exhibition, distribution and production.

Screenings of new blockbuster films and upcoming product presentations by major studios, Russian and international film companies, prior to Russian release and special sponsored events.

Conferences and seminars, dedicated to film exhibition, distribution and production business issues, presentations of new products. Business development seminar, hosted by The Coca-Cola Company.

All Industry Opening Reception.

Russian / CIS film exhibition 2013-2014: facts and figures.

Russia/CIS market is one of the worlds leading in terms of box office, D-Cinema roll-out and new multiplex construction growth.

Russian/CIS box office growth in recent years has been nothing but phenomenal: for the fourth consecutive year total gross is well over 1 billion USD (1,4 in 2013), which kept Russia advancing in worlds top 10 largest cinema markets.

The new multiplex annual growth rate is very encouraging, with almost 500 new screens opened in Russia in 2013! There are over 3500 modern screens in operation in Russia alone, not counting CIS countries, where new multiplex growth rate is even higher.

But it is the D-Cinema roll-out, which is the most exciting fact about Russian film exhibition. Over 85% of all modern screens in Russia are now digital/3D. There were only about 350 D-Cinema screens in the beginning of 2010! Russian/CIS film exhibition continues D-Cinema/3D roll-out in 2014 and ahead.

In September 2011, due to lobbying efforts by KinoAlliance, the Russian cinema exhibitors association, the 15% customs duty on D-Cinema projectors was reduced to 0%, effective in the countries of Eurasian Economic Commonwealth Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This makes it easier for cinemas to finalize D-Cinema roll-out.

This year, digitization of the existing Russian modern cinemas will be finalized. The new cinemas, which were opened recently, are digital from the start.

There is huge potential for continuing D-Cinema roll-out in Russia/CIS. Thousands of older municipal cinemas are still to be renovated. As distribution of film prints is almost over, hundreds of these cinemas are now renovating and switching to digital. Hundreds of new screens in the new multiplexes will be put in operation across Russia and CIS countries in the coming months.

KINO EXPO is your gateway to Russia/CIS one of the most dynamic cinema markets worldwide.

The KINO EXPO organizers, sponsors, distribution and exhibition partners are committed to making 16th KINO EXPO edition another success. Join Russian cinema industry at KINO EXPO 2014 and break into the worlds most lucrative cinema market!
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KINO EXPO is very pleased to welcome you in its hometown, St. Petersburg, one of the worlds most beautiful cities. The availability of very reasonably priced nearby hotels will make your visit cost-effective, while magnificent St. Petersburg will make your stay an unforgettable experience!

For more information on the City of St. Petersburg, please, see here.

Welcome to St. Petersburg, to 16th KINO EXPO 2014 Convention & Trade Fair!